Something Borrowed by Nawal

Why Buy If You Can Borrow?

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Do you provide delivery & pick up services?

Yes we do provide delivery & pick up services with extra charges. Please contact us for the arrangement

2. How long is the rental period?

Rentals are based on One-week rental period. Customers can collect the items Wednesday onwards before the event and have to return latest by Monday after the event.

3. The rental price is for one day or one week?

The price is offered for one week rental period only. 

4. How early can I place a booking?

You may book the items as early as you wish. To do this you will need to pay 50% deposit (Non-refundable) to block the date. No goods would be reserved until deposit is received beforehands.  

5. Can we collect the items one or two days early?

Yes, you can but it subjects to circumstances. You can always call on Monday (before the event) to check on your booking availability.

6. I'm staying outside KL and Selangor. Can I still rent from Something Borrowed by Nawal?

Yes you can. As long as you can collect and return the items on time.

7. What if my event is postponed? Can we change the date?

Yes you can but depends on the availability of the items. If the items are not available on your new date, you may change to any other item listed in the wedding rentals list 

8. What if my event is cancelled? Do we get the deposit back?

Unfortunately the deposit is non-refundable. We will hold your deposit for 1 year. You may use it for any other event or you can transfer the deposit to your family members or friends.

9. Upon collection, we will need to pay a security deposit. Is it refundable?

 The security deposit will be refunded in full on return of rented items, provided they are in a good condition and are returned on time.

10. What would happen if the rented items are damaged during the fixed rental period?

It is the responsibility of the customers to take a good care of the rented items. Customers should also replace any damage or missing items as per agreement. We are entitled to use the security deposit paid towards the replacement of damaged goods. In circumstances where the security deposit is inadequate to cover the cost of the damaged or missing goods, Something Borrowed by Nawal has the rights to demand the customers for an extra amount deemed fit.

11. What if I decided to cancel my booking?

All rental deposit will NOT be returned if the contract/agreement is breached.